The e-shape project aims to implement a coordinated and comprehensive EO data exploitation initiative through collaboration amongst the European GEO Members and Participating Organizations in order to accelerate the users’ uptake of open EO data and information for the benefit of Europe. Towards this direction, e-shape develops operational EO services with and for users active […]


CALLISTO aims to bridge the gap between the Data and Information Access Services (DIAS), platforms provided by the European Union’s Earth Observation programme Copernicus, and the users of the Copernicus data through dedicated Artificial Intelligence solutions. CALLISTO has the ambition to enable virtual presence and situational awareness in any desired area of interest, through Virtual, […]


EXHAUSTION aims to quantify the impact on health of extreme heat and air pollution, including air pollution from wildfires, provide adaptation mechanisms, and calculate the associated socio-economic costs. The project will establish exposure-response relationships for short- and long-term impacts of extreme temperature and high air pollution on health. In addition, EXHAUSTION targets to provide quantitative […]


EIFFEL will offer the EO-based community the ground-breaking ability to exploit existing GEOSS and external datasets, with minimal new data collection activities. Added-value services, interoperable with GEOSS, will be designed using cognitive search and metadata augmentation tools, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as Natural Language Processing (NLP). These tools will leverage advanced cognitive features […]


BISEC Data Hub is a tool for finding and collecting in-situ and satellite data that enables stakeholders that are active in the service development domain to locate big open data and easily use it with a single call to a single provider, with the use of open modern standards. BISEC openly utilizes large volumes of […]


ENVISION aims to develop a ready-to-market commercial platform of services that couples cutting edge Earth Observation (EO) technology with state-of-the-art methodologies along with heterogeneous types of open data, providing Paying Agencies (PAs) and Certification Bodies (CBs) with timely cost-efficient and actionable insights for the compliance monitoring procedure of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) agri-environmental standards. […]


PARSEC aspires to build a cross-sectoral/cross-border ecosystem whereby SMEs and innovative start-ups will gain access to: knowledge: PARSEC will provide of a holistic portfolio of support services, including market, technology and investment training/ information as well as tailored coaching support; technology: three large scale demonstrators will be developed in the framework of PARSEC acting as […]


The Sympnia project aims to develop an easy-to-use platform that provides targeted information to citizens about the current and forecast levels of air pollution. Except from data from official ground-based air quality monitoring stations, Sympnia will use satellite data from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), and measurements from low-cost sensors that will be placed […]


AfriCultuReS aims to design, implement and demonstrate an integrated agricultural monitoring and early warning system that will support decision making in the field of food security. AfriCultuReS will deliver a broad range of climatic, production, biophysical and economic information, for various regions in Africa. The project will apply geospatial science to sustainable agricultural development, natural […]


Carpo is an Agrometeorological Web Reporting and Prognostic System developed by DRAXIS for the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is funded by UNDP. The system is utilizing observations from a local network of agrometeorological stations to produce pest and disease forecasts for different crop types, […]