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Revealing the role of GEOSS as the default digital portal for building climate change adaptation and mitigation applications


Find out more at https://www.eiffel4climate.eu/

This project is funded by the H2020 Framework Programme of the European Union

Revealing the role of GEOSS as the default digital portal for building climate change adaptation and mitigation applications

EIFFEL will offer the EO-based community the ground-breaking ability to exploit existing GEOSS and external datasets, with minimal new data collection activities. Added-value services, interoperable with GEOSS, will be designed using cognitive search and metadata augmentation tools, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as Natural Language Processing (NLP). These tools will leverage advanced cognitive features to extract meaningful information and enrich GEOSS metadata. Moreover, novel methods (super resolution, data fusion) for augmenting the spatiotemporal resolution of explored EO data will be proposed, in order to address the needs of the diverse EIFFEL Climate Change (CC) adaptation and mitigation applications. The latter will cover:

  • Α set of five different GEO Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs), namely in Water and Land Use Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Transport Management, Sustainable Urban Development and Disaster Resilience domains.
  • Various EU geographical and climatic regions, at local, regional, national, cross-border and pan-European scales.

Furthermore, the value of using explainable AI techniques (XAI) for improving the credibility and comprehensiveness of such CC applications will be showcased, so that they can offer actionable insights to the decision makers. EIFFEL will foster the co-design of CC adaptation policies and mitigation strategies and monitor CC effects in the respective regions. The project, in line with EuroGEO’s emphasis on early engagement with stakeholders and their participation in the application design, has ensured that they are active consortium members. EIFFEL complies with the framework of results-Oriented GEOSS, to improve the delivery of applications tailored to decision making centers and will actively participate in the GEO Work Programme post-2019. Last, it provides tangible proof of the value of GEOSS data for creating CC applications and encourages projects and initiatives to offer their data through the portal.


Role of DRAXIS:

DRAXIS has overtaken the role of the technical coordinator that will oversee the whole functional, technical and architectural design and implementation of all the applications that will be developed throughout the EIFFEL Project. Also, DRAXIS will provide UI/UX consulting services to the Greek Pilot.

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