The e-shape project aims to implement a coordinated and comprehensive EO data exploitation initiative through collaboration amongst the European GEO Members and Participating Organizations in order to accelerate the users’ uptake of open EO data and information for the benefit of Europe. Towards this direction, e-shape develops operational EO services with and for users active […]


CALLISTO aims to bridge the gap between the Data and Information Access Services (DIAS), platforms provided by the European Union’s Earth Observation programme Copernicus, and the users of the Copernicus data through dedicated Artificial Intelligence solutions. CALLISTO has the ambition to enable virtual presence and situational awareness in any desired area of interest, through Virtual, […]


EXHAUSTION aims to quantify the impact on health of extreme heat and air pollution, including air pollution from wildfires, provide adaptation mechanisms, and calculate the associated socio-economic costs. The project will establish exposure-response relationships for short- and long-term impacts of extreme temperature and high air pollution on health. In addition, EXHAUSTION targets to provide quantitative […]


MENIoR aims to enable better environmental monitoring (indoor air quality and thermal comfort conditions) in industrial operations by leveraging the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) with the application of Augmented Reality techniques and Digital Twins. The solution is pilot-tested by two industries in Spain: an industry in manufacturing and repairment of industrial machinery (Fagesta […]


WairIt project aims to improve the current methodologies for monitoring of individuals’ exposure to outdoor air pollution with the use of innovative wearable sensors, advanced techniques of data integration, and methodologies of estimation of personalized air quality indices. The collected data will be made available to the individuals who carry the wearables through a mobile […]


The aim of EMISSION is the development of an integrated platform for the better monitoring and display of air pollution levels in Athens. For the purposes of the project, low- and mid- costs sensors will be designed and placed in the city. The  EMISSION platform will enable public authorities in their compliance with the European […]


The Sympnia project aims to develop an easy-to-use platform that provides targeted information to citizens about the current and forecast levels of air pollution. Except from data from official ground-based air quality monitoring stations, Sympnia will use satellite data from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), and measurements from low-cost sensors that will be placed […]


The ambition of the AirQast project is to build a one-stop portal platform that provide air quality services based on Earth Observation data. These services are updated emission inventories, advanced forecasting system, street-level air quality information, and decision making tools to manage air quality events in order to reduce their economic and societal impact. AirQast […]

Preparation of proposals concerning the environment at the border region Greece-FYROM

The project was part of the “Development of a knowledge network of educational and research Institutes active in environmental issues for the development of a common cooperation framework, for the harmonization with EU legislation and know-how transfer” financed by INTERREG III/A and aimed at recording the present situation at the Greece –FYROM border region in […]

Operational monitoring of the air pollution in the country– members of the BSEC

The scientific consortium that was formed aimed to support country– members of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation regarding the operational monitoring of the air pollution. The main tasks of the project that were undertaken by DRAXIS were to identify: i) the available photochemical dispersion models and their technical characteristics; ii) the requirements for the development […]