The Urbana project will create a technologically innovative platform to engage citizens in urban and peri-urban farming methods and build a bridge of knowledge exchange between Agricultural Advisors and citizens – Urban Cultivators. Urbana will act as a crowd-sourced repository of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects with step-by-step instructions regarding urban agriculture, smart balcony, greenhouses, community gardens […]


BISEC Data Hub is a tool for finding and collecting in-situ and satellite data that enables stakeholders that are active in the service development domain to locate big open data and easily use it with a single call to a single provider, with the use of open modern standards. BISEC openly utilizes large volumes of […]


Carpo is an Agrometeorological Web Reporting and Prognostic System developed by DRAXIS for the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is funded by UNDP. The system is utilizing observations from a local network of agrometeorological stations to produce pest and disease forecasts for different crop types, […]

Environmental Monitoring of the water bodies in the Prefecture of Kilkis

The subject of the specific project was the development of an Integrated System for Environmental Monitoring of the water sources in the Prefecture of Kilkis using GIS. The project included the following tasks: a) Development of an Environmental System for monitoring Water Sources; b) Supply and installation of all the necessary equipment; c) Consulting services […]

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies Computer System, ENIASS

The project ENIASS aimed to the design and development of an Environmental Information System that would manage data, documents and information used for the Environmental Impact Assessments. The system was accompanied by a WEB GIS platform for the management and dynamic presentation of geographic data. The main objective of the specific project was to create […]

Development of Laboratory Infrastructure for Water Quality Monitoring

The project was implemented for the needs of the General Chemical State Laboratory (Ministry of Economy Finance)and included support and consulting on the actions needed for the successful water quality monitoring. More precisely, the processes concerned the following: i) Statistical data analysis of the measurements of the water quality; ii) Cartographic presentation and analysis of […]

Integrated Management System for the olive cultivation in Kavala Region

The subject of the specific project was the development of an Information system for managing and editing spatial information, necessary for the design of policies for the water quality control and olive cultivation optimization in the Prefecture of Kavala, with the use of GIS. DRAXIS has undertaken the following tasks: Supply of GIS Software; Data […]


The main objective of the project was the development of an IT application – as well as the supply of adequate hardware – for the spatial monitoring of the River Axios Estuaries area focusing on eco-touristic activities. The project’s aim was the promotion of ecotourism as well as the protection and appointment of the cultural […]

Operational monitoring of the air pollution in the country– members of the BSEC

The scientific consortium that was formed aimed to support country– members of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation regarding the operational monitoring of the air pollution. The main tasks of the project that were undertaken by DRAXIS were to identify: i) the available photochemical dispersion models and their technical characteristics; ii) the requirements for the development […]