MENIoR aims to enable better environmental monitoring (indoor air quality and thermal comfort conditions) in industrial operations by leveraging the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) with the application of Augmented Reality techniques and Digital Twins. The solution is pilot-tested by two industries in Spain: an industry in manufacturing and repairment of industrial machinery (Fagesta […]


The QUALIBLADE project offers a solution for all blade repairs, in wind turbines, to be carried out without the blades being dismantled, thus eliminating all transport costs and the associated downtime. This solution is provided through a complete in situ system for damage identification and location, repair and repair quality assurance that can be rapidly […]


The PIGWaves project targets at developing an in-service pipe inspection tool capable of inspecting both piggable and currently unpiggable oil pipelines of steel construction and internal diameter 150-350mm that provides 100% volume inspection for features such as hard spots, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion and erosion. Long Range Ultrasound Guided Waves (LRUG) will be employed by […]


The Project aims at building a temporary pilot application on productive scale in order to mine parts of existing landfills and to separate useful materials and produce suitable products (concentrates), both ferrous and non-ferrous, which can be fed into a metallurgical process. In the framework of the project DRAXIS was assigned the development of the […]


The iPIM is a robotic mechanism that is being developed out of a sophisticated prototype of an In-Line Inspection (ILI) PIG for non-destructive technique (NDT) inspection of pipelines (oil & gas). The existing prototype will be further developed in collaboration with our potential end users and will be made available for commercialization. iPIM will monitor […]