Anaerobic digestion (AD) of organic matter is a robust technology, used for biogas synthesis from different types of waste (sewage sludge from water treatment, animal slurry, bio-waste, etc.). The main goal of AD is the production of methane, a renewable energy source that can be used to generate electricity, heat or as vehicle fuel. Biogas […]


The e-shape project aims to implement a coordinated and comprehensive EO data exploitation initiative through collaboration amongst the European GEO Members and Participating Organizations in order to accelerate the users’ uptake of open EO data and information for the benefit of Europe. Towards this direction, e-shape develops operational EO services with and for users active […]


The REGENCY project aims to optimise energy efficiency in electricity consumption by developing appropriate models for the analysis of big data. REGENCY will use machine learning algorithms, and an Integrated Platform for the Monitoring, Analysis, and Support of Energy Management for commercial customers, so as to allow the provision of energy services and products by […]


ΝH3END aims to develop an innovative method of enriching and preserving mixed methanogenic populations in anaerobic bioreactors capable of fully respond to the current levels of NH3 concentrations that biogas plants in Greece operate. In addition, in order to improve the environmental footprint of biogas plants, NH3END will develop a combined modified process where the […]


The project aimed to design and develop an integrated system for real time monitoring of the available solar potential in Greece, to produce detailed solar energy maps and to predict solar energy in short term periods. The system is supported by an updated climatologic study for solar energy regarding the past 10 years. All developed […]


Project CASSANDRA aimed to build a platform for the realistic modeling of the energy market stakeholders, also involving small-scale consumers (with possible small-scale production). CASSANDRA did not just provide another tool for visualization. Rather, it provided users with the ability to test and benchmark working scenarios that can affect system operation, company policies, and environmental […]


CHORUS is a technological Cluster operating in the fields of Clean Energy, Clean Tech and Circular Economy. The CHORUS Clean Energy Cluster brings together companies and research entities in order to establish an arsenal of renewable and zero / low carbon footprint technologies, transformable into innovative, integrated products and solutions for the global Clean Energy […]


The key objective of NATCONSUMERS is to develop an advanced and integral user-centred framework for the implementation of efficient energy feedback programmes in the domestic area. NATCONSUMERS approach relies on the complete characterisation of the EU energy consumer, and the design of specific personalised actions tailored to each consumer pattern detected based on the use […]