The Urbana project will create a technologically innovative platform to engage citizens in urban and peri-urban farming methods and build a bridge of knowledge exchange between Agricultural Advisors and citizens – Urban Cultivators. Urbana will act as a crowd-sourced repository of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects with step-by-step instructions regarding urban agriculture, smart balcony, greenhouses, community gardens […]


The project aims to support the deployment of the bioeconomy in rural Africa via the development of bio-based solutions and value chains with a circular approach to drive the cascading use of local resources and diversify the income of farmers.  It focuses on transferring simple, small-scale and robust biobased technologies, which are adapted to local […]


Exploitation of agricultural waste for the production of innovative plastic materials in the light of the circular economy The main objective of AgriPlaCE is to create the necessary knowledge base in the field of plastic industry, agricultural sector and information and communications sector for the exploitation of agricultural waste for the production of secondary materials […]


The e-shape project aims to implement a coordinated and comprehensive EO data exploitation initiative through collaboration amongst the European GEO Members and Participating Organizations in order to accelerate the users’ uptake of open EO data and information for the benefit of Europe. Towards this direction, e-shape develops operational EO services with and for users active […]


ENVISION aims to develop a ready-to-market commercial platform of services that couples cutting edge Earth Observation (EO) technology with state-of-the-art methodologies along with heterogeneous types of open data, providing Paying Agencies (PAs) and Certification Bodies (CBs) with timely cost-efficient and actionable insights for the compliance monitoring procedure of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) agri-environmental standards. […]


agROBOfood is an EU funded project aiming to build a European ecosystem for the effective adoption of robotic technologies in the agri food sector, which in turn will become more efficient and competitive. The heart of the project is formed by Innovation Experiments, organized and monitored by Digital Innovation Hubs. In 7 Regional Clusters, Initial […]


AfriCultuReS aims to design, implement and demonstrate an integrated agricultural monitoring and early warning system that will support decision making in the field of food security. AfriCultuReS will deliver a broad range of climatic, production, biophysical and economic information, for various regions in Africa. The project will apply geospatial science to sustainable agricultural development, natural […]


Carpo is an Agrometeorological Web Reporting and Prognostic System developed by DRAXIS for the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is funded by UNDP. The system is utilizing observations from a local network of agrometeorological stations to produce pest and disease forecasts for different crop types, […]


The AGROCLIMA research project investigates the consequences of climate change on coastal agricultural zones (e.g. river deltas), which form the most wealth-producing but vulnerable ecosystems. The principal project’s objectives were: a) The study of the natural processes controlling the formation and evolution of coastal lands (i.e. deltas), as a result of the interaction of terrestrial, […]

Integrated Management System for the olive cultivation in Kavala Region

The subject of the specific project was the development of an Information system for managing and editing spatial information, necessary for the design of policies for the water quality control and olive cultivation optimization in the Prefecture of Kavala, with the use of GIS. DRAXIS has undertaken the following tasks: Supply of GIS Software; Data […]