Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Environmental Solutions with Cutting-Edge Geospatial Intelligence and AI Technology.

A Technological Environmental Platform for Intelligent Climate Solutions

GeoInt is an integrated solution for data collecting, analysis, and decision-making that integrates geospatial intelligence and machine learning techniques. It provides pattern recognition, environmental risk prevention, resource management optimization, and monitoring and adaptation planning for climate change.


The platform rises to the challenge of easily collecting, correlating and visualizing different forms of data from a variety of sources into a unified geospatial representation using cutting-edge technologies without the hassle of different communication protocols.

Geo-Int is able to:


integrate among edge devices, remote sensing images and geospatial datasets without the concern of different protocols and complexity.


combine data with ready-made constantly updated datasets.


harmonize and analyze heterogeneous data sources based on location information or any other dimension.


integrate external models and algorithms into the platform, to augment and enrich the analysis.


use intelligent analytics to support scientists and domain experts, with complex queries, build dashboards and location intelligence services.

geo-Int’s Characteristics


Ready-made connectors for direct connection to commercial or custom IoT devices as well as other data sources. Our integration technology is based on Kafka Event Streams

Data Augmentation

Constantly updated data sources to combine with environmental, EO datasets, traffic data and more. We use Data lake and parquet storage formats

Geospatial Analysis

Storage, preview, preprocess, process, analyze and produce Geospatial Intelligence Layers. We use Remote Sensing and GIS technologies on top of Spark (RasterFrames, Geomesa etc)

Calculation Engine

Building a computational layer with innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for data augmentation, analysis and real-time alerts


Build and manage geospatial intelligence dashboards that use maps, charts and workflows in a cartographic environment accessible via the web browser

Advanced Notification Functionalities

Set alarm thresholds based on combined values of real-time variables

Access Rights

Secure environment only for access to authorized parties that will perform configuration and monitoring actions, while also giving access to public users


Supports the secure sharing of device data or data generated by the platform, in other applications or specific users

Empowering Industries and Smart Cities
with Locational Data and Climate Monitoring

GeoInt is offered as a service capable to support multiple Industries that use locational Data. It is currently being used in installations that support the monitoring of Climate Change by providing a comprehensive overview of key climate indicators, including temperature, carbon dioxide levels, sea level, and extreme weather events, allowing users to track changes over time. Researchers are able to access historical trends for each indicator, gaining valuable insights into the long-term effects of climate change.


Using modern visualization tools, GeoInt is being also offered as a Smart City Solution through which stakeholders can reveal information that is hidden among a variety of data to assist on a) reduction of the operating costs in areas such as waste management, building and street lighting, energy, water and public transport, b) urban planning, c) tackling air pollution and climate change, and d) mobility and parking.

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