Exploitation Project Manager

Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece

Research & European Projects

Full time


Are you passionate about driving the transformation of groundbreaking research and innovation into tangible real-world impact? Do you flourish in positions that integrate strategic thinking with a keen insight into analysis? We have a unique opportunity for an enthusiastic and dynamic individual to join our team as an Exploitation Project Manager for Research & Innovation (R&I) Projects.

Company Overview:

DRAXIS is an SME that focuses on developing real-life environmental scientific solutions. Looking always ahead, we keep up with and interpret what is happening in day-to-day business, so as to offer custom-made tools, reflecting our commitment to be of service to the environment we live in.

DRAXIS actively engages in cutting-edge R&I projects, collaborating with renowned partners across academia, industry, and government. As we push the boundaries of innovation, we recognize the critical importance of effectively exploiting our research outcomes while ensuring their economic viability.

As the Exploitation Project Manager for R&I Projects, you will be responsible for practicing innovation management and economic analysis. Your responsibilities will include:

Exploitation Management:

  • Developing and executing comprehensive exploitation strategies for research and innovation outcomes.
  • Creating business plans, market entry strategies, and partnership models to translate innovations into commercial success.
  • Identifying potential collaborators, investors, and industry partners to accelerate the market adoption of innovations.
  • Participation in projects’ meetings, workshops, discussions, reviews etc.
  • Playing a key role in contributing to the writing of proposals and tenders relevant to the field of exploiting project results and associated work packages.

Economic Analysis:

  • Conducting thorough economic assessments, techno-economic analyses, and cost-benefit analyses of R&I projects.
  • Evaluating the financial feasibility of innovations, including production costs, potential revenues, and ROI projections.
  • Assessing the economic impact of project outcomes on stakeholders, industries, and the broader economy.
  • Collaborate with team members cross-functionally to support and leverage other services relevant to Life Cycle Costing.;


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field of Economics, Business or Engineering.
  • 1-2 years of experience in roles involving exploitation management, business development, and/or economic analysis within R&I contexts.
  • Experience as a task leader in the Exploitation task of at least one EU R&I project (H2020 or Horizon Europe).
  • Previous experience in conducting Life Cycle Costing with the use of LCA tools (e.g. SimaPro) will be considered an asset.
  • Proficiency in conducting economic analyses, techno-economic assessments, and cost-benefit analyses.
  • Excellent verbal/written communication skills and ability to interact at a variety of levels (both Greek and English).
  • Computer literacy and proficiency in MS Office.
  • Able to simultaneously work on multiple assignments and to work both independently as well as on teams.
  • Punctuality, Consistency, Professionalism.
  • Anticipated involvement in travel abroad to contribute to research and innovation projects, facilitating global collaboration and knowledge sharing.


By joining DRAXIS, you will be able to engage with fellow professionals in your field across diverse markets, fostering valuable connections. This network will provide opportunities to exchange best practices, collaborate on overcoming challenges, and gain invaluable experience and mentoring to propel your career forward. At DRAXIS we are committed to helping you shape the career you desire, empowering you to chart your own path towards success.

At DRAXIS, we celebrate your contributions, provide you with opportunities and choices, and support your total well-being. Our offerings include health benefits, as well as professional development, tuition assistance, work-life programs and flexible working models. At the core of our culture is a strong emphasis on prioritizing people. We value the advantages of both flexibility and collaboration, whether they occur in a physical workplace or in a remote setting.


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